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I need help figure out a few things and getting my life turned around.

2 years ago I had a problem with xanax prescribe for stress reasons. It was a low dose .5mg daily, I quit taking it and went through withdrawal. I had only been on it a few months but that stuff is pretty strong. Anway, I reinstated the xanax and did a slow taper and quit about 8 months later. It was a tough ride. Throughout the process I drank beer to help myself. I was self medicating. I noticed that when it got really unbearable I would just have a beer and feel better. I got up to 4 a day for about 6 months. Then I got down to 3, 2, 1 and quit. This was pretty easy to do. I was then given low low dose of valium and I have been on wellbutrin. It was easy to quit drinking and I felt fine without it. I took it slow so it was easy.

Anyway over the last year I got myself back into the habit. I started at 1, 2, 3 and I have been at roughly 2 a day for the last few weeks.

I now realize that I was self medicating myself. I also realize that the medicine that I have been on have agravated my stress systems to the point that I turned to alcohol. I understand how the alcohol works and I understand why I use it.

I am working on getting off the meds and the alcohol. The meds are causing me alot of stress so I am slowly working on getting myself free of this stuff.

But my question is, my health over the last year has been weird. I have felt weak, out of breath often, out of shape feeling, i had 4 months of vertigo. I am now having symptoms again as I decrease the meds.

I imagine the meds cause symptoms. But can the alcohol because tolerance problems and side effects?

I have not increased the amount I drink if anything I cut back, but could I be experiancing some side effects as well withdrawal between the time that I drink? I usually have 2 beers at night. I find the alcohol does make me feel better. So, what is going on?

I am quitting, I without question want to. I am just trying to be careful and not try to quit everything at one time. I have to take it slow 1 thing at a time. I plan to cut down the beer to one over the next month while I continue on my med cuts.

I know that psychologically addicted and I have been afraid, I drank many nights when I didnt want to because I was afraid to not do it. I know that if it wasnt for the medicine problems I never would have turned to alcohol. I know that I dont like the feeling when I drink too much, more than 4 beers. I think I am on just a maitenance amount. It is easy to control my drinking and not increase my amount, but quitting alltogether has been tough because it helps and I have been afraid.

Could this be causing some issues for me? Withdrawal? Tolerance? etc?

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