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Fentenyl Blues...
Jun 24, 2007
Hi All,:wave:

Just thought I'd say hello and complain a little! :D

As most of you know, I've been on fentenyl for about 11 days...and I absolutely hate it.

I am supposed to go back to lortab tomorrow....and I'm gonna need everyone's help that's for sure! I MUST stick to the prescribed dose...period. Until I can do my detox in a couple of months.

I have done a research of fentenyl and it has been used a long time for anesthia, both human and animals. No wonder I feel like I do. I have absolutely no energy, get a massive headache everyday around 6pm, am irritable, and have consistant pain in my ankle, knee, and pelvis....Boy am I sick of this...I walk around half anestisized most the time. Not high...just in a dream or something. No wonder I'm so grouchy all the time. I'm always feeling like I'm so sleepy, and I've always gotten really gripey when super sleepy since I was a child. I remember when I was about 11 or 12 my Babtist grandmother woke me up and I was still sleepy and I told her off with cuss just DO NOT talk to my grandmother that way. I sat in the bed in shock that I had talked to her that way.

Anyway, I'm feeling like I'm in a state of detox without a lot of the w/d's....I'm starting to feel like it might be a good way to detox....I know that sounds insane....

So I talked to my doc last Thurs and she said to come in tomorrow and get the prescription...made it clear in her oh so sweet way (I love my doc)...that this was it....that we are sticking to lortab and schedualing an appt w/ pain managment at the hosp....That's will take about 2-3 months to get in cuz this is all county funded, but one of the best hosp's in the US....they took Kennedy there when he was assinated.

Point being...I'm gonna need all of yall to keep me in check. Remind me of the horrible w/d's I'm gonna get into if I fly through these...give me the wise words yall are all so good at doing! If I don't do this right, I deserve what I get.....!

So, thanks in advance for all your support!
Love you all!
Hi Shay, I feel for you living with your mother at your age, it has got to be humiliating and she sounds like she is tough to be with.

I have a couple idea's, why dont you get on NORCO, its the same as Lortab 10 but it has less tylenol, but I no its not cheap but they might have a generic version of it, why don't you look into that, as the less tylenol you get the better.

you are only allowed 6 a day, that is nothing and will not even get you high so I think your kidding youself into thinking these will last you 30 days.. Have they EVER lasted you that long? I would be surprised if they did.

Can you ask your mama to dole them out to you? at 6 per day and get her to hide them from you or put them in a safe so you can't go nosing around for them.

this is your only way to control yourself, if your an addict you are not going to be able to stick to your dose of 6 a day, which by the way is not a good dose for a chronic pain patient. you should be able to ask your Dr for more than 180 a month, I do believe you can legally get 240 a month. that would be at least 8 per day. why not ask her for it? all she can say is No.

Also my dear, if you plan on going to a pain clinic, they may take you off the Lortab and offer you methadone or oxycontin so don't excpect them to keep you on the lortabs for long term pain management.

I know you want to get clean, but its not the right time, is it ever the right time to get clean? I don't think its ever a good time but I do see your point living with your mom and detoxking can't be fun.. She is nice to allow you to stay with her so I guess we should look at the bright side and be thankful for a roof over your head, which it sounds like you are thankful for.

Have you ever looked into Suboxone? it just scares me that you have been to rehab so many times and never gotten clean and stayed clean for a period of time, it seems wasteful and silly to keep going nad never changing your ways. maybe you need a maintance drug to help you get clean once and for all like SUB?

I wish you all the best as your apt tomorrow, I just fear your going to be popping those vics like nobody's business tomorow and because you have been off of them for a few weeks you will get a good buzz off less of the drug, but this will only last a week or so than you will be back to needing and wanting the 20 pills per day. what a vicious cylce and I do feel for you and hope you do succeed when your ready to get clean.


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