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shay,i hate to tell you this but if you are taking a minimum of the six 10/650 per day everyday,you ARE over the safe limit for chronic daily usage of tylenol right now.that safe amount goes down 4000mgs to 3000mgs per day when it is used on a chronic daily this doc actually monitoring your liver and kidney functions at all?this is standard practice anytime a patient is on any tylenol based med on a long term basis.this really needs to be done as part of your ongoing treatment plan,and for you personally given what occured with tylenol before.

i have to ask here,are you taking anything else for pain besides narcotics?it sounds like you have a combo of neuro and structural/mechanical type of pain issues?this is my situation as well.i do know what its like to be down and at the mercy of other people to take care of your needs,i was in the hospital for the surgery and then transferred to a rehab hospital for well over a month after my spinal cord surgery for acute rehab.and since then is still am having to have certain needs met by others.that is the suckiest part of this.going from independant to dependant pretty much overnight really hits you hard.

believe me i can totally understand what is going on with your is soo freakin hard to stay positive and do positive things when you are forced into a situation where you are enduring nothing but negative.i am assuming this is the way things are with your mom at this point?while you may not be able to actually detox while there you can take some steps now to get the ball rolling.getting off of the hydro would be the very first don't have to actually detox from it to be off it,replacing it with another method of pain management or combos of,even including a long acting narcotic would seem appropriate at this point and it would also get you off a very dangerous(for many reasons)med.

i am just really trying to understand your ultimate goal here shay,really.have you actually thought everything thru in a very realistic way?are you ever going to be able to be totally off ANY narcotic given the fact that you DO have some pretty significant injuries and deterioration that just comes along for the ride?what is your current plan for after you would actually detox?have you thought that far ahead?you have to have some sort of plans in place for yourself BEFORE you even go there in order to just get thru your day and treat your pain appropriately so you can function normally,or as normally as possible,you know what i mean?i am just getting the impression from your posts that you seem to feel that once you can get out on your own and detox,everything will be okay somehow.the pain will still need to be treated thats all.

shay,what i see here in your posting is someone who is dismissing other options and defending their hydro and the reasons for needing it very strongly.believe me, i totally understand why you are doing this as you also have very real pain issues as well.simply stated,this med is not good for you.not by a longshot but you continue to go back to it.there are many other pain modalities as well as specific types of meds,both narcotic and non narcotic that would probably work much better for you,you just refuse to give up your best friend in order to do that,the hyrdo.its just there and reliable and makes you feel better,not just managing the pain either,in your head,it just makes a bad situation more tolerable with it vs without it.that is the part you are having the biggest problem with right now for many in your current situation just exascerbates this many times over.the hydro gives you a certain comfort(i can get thru this as long as i have the hydro thing?) level right now,am i right?there ARE just many other much safer options for you thats all.i just don't think you are seeing things realistically here at all in the long term.what are your plans once you have completed that detox from the hydro?are you currently seeing a real pain management doc or just like a primary doc?the one huge thing i did for myself was ask to be referred to a pain management doc mostly becasue of the oversight and other modalities i needed to try and control the uncontrollable crap that was burning holes inside my body.i had pain before my SCI,and i honestly thought it was 'the worst" well,i found out that i hadn't really even gotten close to the worst yet til i developed all kinds of ugly evil pain syndromes from the spinal cord damage.not having what i need to take,even one dose,when i absolutely need it well it scares the livin crap outta me just the thought of not being able to keep it in the seven to eight range.absolute fear of really feeling the full impact of my pain is actually what helps to keep me compliant scares me that badly.i had a very active addiction way back in the 80's,went thru treatment in the beginning of the 90s,was totally completely clean for over a decade when the crap hit the fan and i was pretty much left with no alternative but to include narcotics into my pain was that or i could not even physically even get out of bed every morning.i am much more functional with vs without.but all my docs are aware of my past as well as my family.having to endure the UAs and the suprise pill counts at my pain clinic also help keep me on the straight and narrow,and that fear thing.i have tried using many different pain modalities trying to gain at least some level of control without going back to my old ways,and amazingly it is working for me,but with MANY areas of oversight in place.i know i could not have done this since 03 if i didn't have everything needed in place to keep me where i am right now,i KNOW that.but this was something that i had to do for myself.

shay,you NEED to really ascess your true pain needs and come up with some other options here for yourself based on what you realistically need for you to function as normally as just cannot continue with the this high amount of tylenol every single day,it WILL take its toll on you again,only this time,it could include your liver as well.the liver simply cannot keep metabolizing thse high amounts of tylenol when the chemical needed to do that is staying depleted since it really never gets a good chance to replenish itself.this is very dangerous ground you are on right now that hydro that important to you?you just really do need to be working with a good pain management doc with the right types of meds.even a long acting med would be much better healthwise and also give you more contiuous coverage.if you are going to be needing pain management forever or even more just long term,this really needs to be done as soon as possible.

i don't know just what you have planned for after that detox you are planning but realistically,you may still need narcotic help.only you really know for certain just how bad your pain truely is and then take the steps to do the best possible things for yourself here.but something has to change with the amount of tylenol you are ingesting daily or there will be consequences,and you know that better than have seen and gone thru what effects it has on your just need to evaluate in depth,your situation and your true needs right now.i do wish you so much luck with this shay,really.i am just really worried about you.take care hon,Marcia
glad to hear that you are explaining the right and wrongs of human behavior to your son,THAT is key,so he doesn't see this as the 'norm"ya know?if you don't do this,it becomes learned behavior and just perpetuates the abuse down thru another generation,we ARE so much a product of our own environment,much much more than most people would think.

i can understand the countys problem but on the other hand,are they going to pay for the needed transplants when all that crap hits the fan with all the people who are taking it?this just seems so unreal to me from a medical standpoint ya know?my sons liver transplant,and this was back in 2000,and only included just the hospital and the harvest and transport costs of the donated liver was right at 397,456.89.and that didn't include any doc fees,the GI team,kidney team,infectious disease team,anesthesiologist....just the hosp(went in on 5-18-2000,came out 7-1-2000) and surgery and procedures(of which he had many many of).seems a bit out of proportion when you look at things from that standpoint ya know?i do believe that places like walmart and k mart have the 4.00 Rx programs,just something to consider if it would be a would qualify in your current just need to really take a good look at what IS out there and availiable for you to tap into,in all ways.

i have had many cort injections in my right knee.this one tiny knee at one time had all of the following going on in it:huge bakers cyst,complex tear of the meniscus,severe chondro at several areas(my patella was completely shredded at the back of it)and to top it all off, RSD just for sh*** and giggles.had two surgeries just on is a bit better now.luckily i cannot run anymore anyway after the SCI so that is not an issue,lol.but they did help some to keep the heat that it was generating down some(because of the RSD and the crap wrong in there,my knee temp always ran around 102. degrees while my 'normal body temp is around 97.6)lyrica helped reduce that part amazingly,but the side effects were just to beyond the insane to even stay on it.but for some freaky reason,that swelling and the temp has stayed down even almost a year and a half since i quit the lyrica.go figure.

just what is the extent of the damage in your knee?have you given any thought at all to what your plan will be after that detox?you have to look at your situation very realistically here shay and what will you even be ABLE to go off of or on to.thats the part i see hangin here ya know?you keep saying after i detox things will get better but don't mention just how you realistically will be able to even achieve that part,you know what i mean?THIS is the big part of what you need to plan.with your injuries and the pain levels you have,will you even be able to achieve that goal?what ways can you try and manage your pain without the use of any narcotics at all?these are the things you really need to concentrate on that will be hopefully at least partly in place by the time you get to that detox part of your plan.they are just things you really do need to look at and concentrate on.thats the big part of all this that i don't see or hear you mention.i know you cannot plan things too far out as you really do not know where things will be with your pain at that time,but you just have to get some things set in motion.without any sort of plan for ourselves we can fall by the wayside ya know?addicts always function better the more we plan for ourselves or our minds and brains start making decisions for us,you lose that little bit of control over your life that a plan would give IS crucial.just something you need to start really thinking about much more than it appears you have,thats all.

just try and stay positive,even a few little positive things help alot when we are living in a hugely negative situation.keep me posted hon,Marcia

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