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Dear kandr

I am not sure at all what you should do. I guess you must weigh out some options.

1) If the hysterectomy [B]is [/B]mandatory to do immediately, then do so. Use pain meds until you heal. It is not a good time to face surgery and try to detox simutaneously. especially if they are going to remove the ovaries. do they intend to do this? I was sent into overnight menopause because radiation burned out my ovaries. Too, too much when other major issues re going on.

2) If the hysterectomy is [B]not [/B]needed immediately, then perhaps it is better to go thru detox and then try to habdle the meds.

You know, as I type, I am thinking about all your situations. If it were me, I would have the surgery first and then face the detox. Get the easier (although I know a hysterectomy is not easy!) and then face the longer challenge of detox and recovery. healing from the hysterectomy should make the pathway clearer and cleaner for detox. And you [U]will[/U] need meds for pain with a hysterectomy. Doing the surgery now will leave it so you do not have meds after healing staring you in the face and tormenting you.

That's my thoughts. Maybe would add that some prayer might lead to a quiet answer and conviction in your decison in your mind.


I had a Hyst done last March and my right ovary out two weeks ago today... Infact that is how I started taking Norco... I am almost off of them completly which is good... Did you say what type of Hyst you are having..? My was a LAVH so really there was not no much pain after except that my ovary kept hurting so that is why they took that out... Pain wise you should only need them for a week at the most... You are going to be down for weeks not really wanting to do much and that might be the time to detox... If you are anything like me I was in pain everyday and now I am not which helps not taking the meds... Just my thought... I am also only 39... Ask them if there is any way to keep the left ovary..? I have endo also and I kept my left...


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