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Have you ever tried an "ice massage"? When I admitted myself into the ER a month ago unable to cope with the detox symptoms, I was evaluated by a psych nurse who gave me some very good tips on how to control nerve pain and keep it at a tolerable level (she was the victim of an auto accident herself, so this is first-hand knowledge). Here's what she told me:

Get a simple ice pack...the kind you stick in the freezer and put in a cooler. My pain is in my upper back and neck region. I was very skeptical of her suggestion, but I can attest that the results are amazing.
What I do is lay a beach towel on the floor with a pillow for my head, then set the ice pack on the towel in the region where my upper back will lie. It is important that the ice pack comes in direct contact with your skin to achieve maximum results.
The first few seconds are absolute murder because of the extreme cold. But, after just a few seconds, the area goes numb to the temperature. Then, I do various things that make the ice pack kind of "dig into" the hurt area. Such simple maneuvers as raising your arms over your head while lying on your back changes the way the muscles are situated in your back, allowing the ice to penetrate to the deepest layers. The nurse told me to only do this for a maximum of 5 consecutive minutes (you don't want to risk any sort of frost bite!). This can be repeated several times daily as needed.

Amazing and hard to believe (I didn't believe her when she was telling me this), when you are finished, the pain is COMPLETELY gone. A five minute session lying on the ice pack usually gives me several HOURS of relief. And I am only taking ibuprophen for pain at this time, so my pain sensors are not being affected by any sort of narcotic.
Please give this a try. I know it sounds crazy, but I am a living testament that this can provide at least some relief. There are days that my thoracic spine hurts so bad (I have 3 completely degenerated disks that the doc wants to do another surgery) that I could just sit and cry. After doing this ice thing, I can get around and do normal activities with a minimum of discomfort. Of course this is not a cure, but does give you back some of your mobility and reduces the pain level so you may not have to take so much narcotics.

Let me know how it works. I find an enclosed (sealed) ice pack works better than using actual ice in a washcloth.....much less leaking.

Good luck,

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