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Need Advice???
Jun 29, 2007
I need some advise from anyone please. I am tapering off of Ultram, which quickly turned into a 20 a day habit really fast. I have been hiding all of this from my boyfriend and he does not even know that I am going to a pain clinic. It all started last year after I had a hysterectomy and when I stopped taking the vicodin I thought something was really wrong with me. I had no idea it was w/d's. I went to a nerologist for my leg pain and bad rls. He put me back on vicodin and of course it went away. After a ton of testing he could not find anything wrong with me. During that time my boyfriend and I broke up, I guess we both needed space and he was tired of me taking pills. Around November the nerologist said he could not find anything and that I was just coming to him for vicodin and he referred me to a pain clinic. I went into severe withdrawl and finally figured out what the heck was going on. I went to the pain clinic and he diagnosed me with CFS, and of course put me on vicodin, percocet and then finally methadone because it was cheaper. After 6 months had passed my boyfriend contacted me and said he really missed me and wanted to get back together. After about a month on the meth I got really sick and threw it out, and went into the worst w/d ever! My bf had no idea i was taking them but turned out to be very understanding. What he does not know is that I went back to the clinic and he put me on Ultram. I used the Ultram to help with the meth w/d's and when i was done i got severly depressed and could not get out of bed. That is when the 20 day habit started. I am now trying to taper but gosh it is sooo hard with the sweats and the chills. Last night I was getting sick all night. Tonight I took a shower and I am drenched in sweat all over again. I want to be off of all pills forever and get back to my life and get back to work. Can anyone help me with a taper plan. I have no idea what I am doing??? I have been sitting here crying so hard that I cannot breathe. I would like to start walking to help this along asap but I do not know when I should start because of the wd???? I am so confused. I know that I have written on here before but I could really use some help right now. I know that is really long but I have no one to talk to. Also, should I tell my bf, this would be the 3rd round of this with him and I don't think he could take anymore???? Thanks

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