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Hello Patty

Nice to meet you. Welcome.

Patty, there are so many stories on this board. However, in my mind, there are two groups of us. Those who started with opiates for recreation and those who started with opiates for pain. The only difference is our starting points. We have all ended up in the same boat... we have a problem with opiates (or other various drugs like alcohol, over-the-counter meds and all that). For now, let's focus on the opiates you are using, okay?

Shortly after an opiate has served its function to alleviate pain after some type of trauma, it takes on a life of its very own and is like a parasite as it uses our bodies to propogate its use. As we build tolerance to it, which happens quickly, the opiate has a strong characteristic of using our body and brain to send out false pain signals and magnify pain in order to use these tactics to get us to ingest more opiate at higher dosages and more frequently. No matter what our starting point, this is where we all hop into the same boat. We are all rowing with addictive behavior now. I know many of us make a huge differential between addiction and dependency, but once we are in the boat, we are there. The difference is at the starting point and then again at the ending point. At the ending point, the dependednt soul does not have the cravings that can so linger for the addict. I am sharing my thoughts on this with you to try and waylay any offense that might be taken as you stay with us and perhaps find offense at some of the words directed to you. The words can sometimes make us feel defensive and upset because we can perceive that others don't understand our starting points, you know? Okay.

In my opinion, you are displaying addictive [B]behaviour[/B]. I am not saying you are a street crackhead, but recognizing that your beghaviour is similar. issues with opiates, changing opioates, needing more opiates, that kind of stuff. Your body is being fed a huge amount of opiate everyday and you are experiencing the same effects as a street addict...lethargy, listlessness and other things Shay wrote about. I don't condemn you in any way here... my journey has included 10, not 7, years of using opiates and other meds, like xanax, before I finally tapered off them. And my ending point has found me not craving those meds, has found me healthy and energized again, and most remarable sometimes, it has found me in far, far less pain than I had been while on the opiates to control pain! hard to believe from where you sit now, but I tell you the truth. And it is not just [B]my[/B] truth, but the truth of many who have been on a journey you may well be embarking on yourself.

I believe your doctor is trying to get you to take the first step in the journey fopr you by making the switch to a longer acting opiate like oxycontin. I would assume with the hope that the longer acting med will be used in place of the shorter acting one. (Although often chronic pain patients use a long acting med with shorter acting ones for breakthrough pain).

Patty, I am stretching out across huge expanse of ocean here to you. You are in a perilous situation right now with your opiate intake. Very dangerous ground. It is way past time to get more educated about opiate use. Yes, it is a medication, but the ramifications of long term use seem beyond your scope of knowledge presently. Read, read, read the many threads on this site. Go back and read the threads and posts from weeks and begin your education. Before you begin to formulate a plan concerning your use, learn the parts of a plan that go far beyond just detoxing. If you begin with a solid base of knowledge, you begin with a more solid chance of success. Investigate and ask questions, every question that crosses your mind. Treat the issue as if your life depends on it because it does. Your physical and mental and emotional live. Opiates affect all parts of our being. Stay with us as you move along. We are great supporteres of the whole being. Holistic cyber buddies. Smiles. Do make sure to make the very first thread on this board, The Sample Home detox, one of your first readings.

With all hope, new friend

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