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i am just a bit confused here about a couple of things.number one,i 'think' you are inadvertantly interspersing oxycontin for oxycodone since i know they do not actually make a 5 mg oxycontin.why the codiene?you can by tylenol for fevers without the codiene.i do think the codiene may be your biggest problem.oxycontin shouldn't be giving you that much added drowsiness or affect since it is a very slow release are actually only getting 5mgs after the firstt hour you take it,then another 5 mgs at around six hours.i am thinking that the Endone is actually like endocet or percocet here?5mgs of oxycodone,with tylenol?you are i do think already getting enough tylenol(if this is indeed the same thing?) just from the amount of the endone you are actually taking thru out the day.i would drop the codeine and see how you feel.

in pain management,the idea of actually taking a long acting med like oxycontin is to get rid of the need to have to be taking pills all day long.the endone should actually be used only as a break thru med when your pain "breaks thru' your base order to best manage pain with the use of oxycontin(or any other long acting pain med),your doc should ideally be raising the OC amount to meet your pain then only allowing the endone for BT you know what i am saying?the OC "should' eventually be taking the edge off so there is no need(except BT pain) to have to keep regularly taking added pills.that is how the oxycontin was ment to be used in pain management really.and your doc IS so right about the OC not making the claimed by perdue(manufacturer) full 12 handles about 8-10 for mine,and my PM doc also is aware of this.he could have you take the OC either three times a day or just raise the amount you are on,after he takes you off all other added pain meds except with BT pain.he should be titrating you up on the OC while taking you off the short acting endone,and dropping that codiene all together.codiene tends to really make me very sleepy but i do fine with oxycodone.the oxycontin just should not be the drug that is giving you the biggest problems.try dropping the codiene for a few days or all together and see what happenes with regards to your lack of i said before,the first release of only 5mgs of oxycodone is at one hour after ingestion and the next at around six,so i realistically cannot see this as being the long ago did you actually add the codeine?8mgs is enough to send you to sleepy land if you have a level of sensitivity to it.if you didn't have this problem with just endone,you shouldn't be having this problem with the added two doses of the OC it releases.the codiene just makes more sense.

just out of curiosity,just how much tylenol are you actually taking in in any given day?it should state the tylenol amount on the need to add up the really do need to add up your average intake daily.let me know what that is when you figure it out will ya?

the very best thing you can do if you are trying to really manage some severe pain here is to have your doc titrate you up to about 20 mgs at least twice a day(possibly 3 depending on your real pain) and have the endone used only when your pain really does break thru your base med,with a limit on how many endone you can actually take in one just have alot of narcotics there that i don't think are being used in the right personally have too much control over what you take and when and when dealing with strong narcotics,that is just a recipe for possible disaster with a strong potential for addiction beginning at some point.he needs to set you in a scheduled dosing plan that you agree to stick to.this is the best possible way to do pain management.any other way,espescially when using short acting meds,just leaves to much left to just need direction and guidelines to stick to in this type of situation,you have really IS in YOUR best interest.good luck,marcia

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