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Has anyone had problem with Body odor that smells like dirt or dust? I am a very clean person and shower morning and night.Could this be liver or kidney problems due to alcohol? I know I need to go to my Dr but just wanted to find out if anyone else had this same problem.I have not had any history of kidney or liver problems other than 3 years ago when I was taking pills for my back and after back surgery I was told that I had some liver problems but it didn't worry my Dr.:dizzy: :dizzy:
Please any info would be aprreciated.
Hey Guys-
I've never been much of a drinker, but have known and spent time with MANY alcoholics in my life. I can tell you that they do have the odor about them that you are talking about.

This can happen simply because of the alcohol, but I also know that liver and kidney problems can also cause this odor.

Cheeto, please do go see your doctor. If there is any kind of problem, it's best to know about it sooner rather than later. (Especially since you mention you had problems before even though your doctor wasn't worried)

Take care.
Hi There,
I, myself, have never had any issues with drinking, but i have a girlfriend who used to give off a weird odor at times, and she was a heavy drinker. Usually this smell would come the day after a night out of her drinking a lot.
I know what smell your talking about, and it's strange. And she's a very clean person also.....but i always attributed it to the alcohol seeping out of her pores. Occasionally, i used to go out and party...but never experienced having that smell myself. Nor from any of my other friends after they had a night out of drinking.....just her. She is now sober and in AA, but yeah, she used to omit this horrible odor the day after drinking a lot.
Maybe it was bcuz she drank so much and her body was having a hard time breaking it down...maybe due to liver damage, i don't know.
Just a little info. that might help. Take care of yourself and see your doctor if you can.
Hey Cheeto:
I'm sorry that u have to be going thru this....especially since you've made attempts to figure this out and haven't been able to.
Did the dr. you saw for those tests recommend any furthur testing to help explain it? Or any ideas on what it could possibly be?
I would suggest that you (if u haven't already) look up the symptom online. Type in "bad body odor" and i'm sure that a lot of sites will pop up. I know it sucks when we're experiencing a symptom that the drs. can not place.
Keep trying though.......
And don't worry about what others "may think" at work or elsewhere! Your doing everything in your power to feel comfortable and get rid of the odor so they're opinion doesn't matter. Sometimes sharing it with a few people helps to feel more comfortable bcuz then atleast they know that your doing everything in your power to figure it out. I know that theres nothing wrong with your liver,kidney....but maybe it IS the alcohol. And it needs a bit more time to get out of your system completely...even though there is no damage done to those organs, it could be just that your body chemicals have changed and it started to seep out the pores...
My girlfriend used to have the same issue, now she is sober, but she didn't have issues with organs and still smelled odd. So keep your chin up and give it a few more days...i'm sure it will clear up.
Oh, you also have to remember that your taking a colon cleanser, so your system is working overtime to rid your body of toxins. That odor could be still going on bcuz your forcing out all the toxins that have built up in your system. So that could very well be why your still experiencing it even after being sober for a week. Just think of it this way, your purifying your system and this odor is a good means that your ridding yourself of those icky things.
Good Luck! And you'll find someone when it is right. What your going thru right now (in detoxing) is preparing you to be healthy for your next relationship...body and mind! :D

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