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Hi there Ready,

I am sorry that you are having such a rough time. As for taking the morphine I just don't know what to say...for mr that was just not an option. I did not abuse any pain meds but if you go back and read my posts I recently detoxed from Methadone.

It was hard very hard. I did a taper and it was a long rough road and I finally had to tell the doc I want to cold turkey right at the end.
Anyway I can not believe that you even tried to go to work!! There is no way I could have been at work. I did not ever have any diarreah but I was sick to my stomach all the time.
Are you in physical pain from the injuries or do you think that it could be that because you are all tenced up from no pain meds and a shock to the system that the pain stuff is elevated? I think that Reah and Coder and Shay or even Mk7657 might have some thoughts about this stuff.
I really did not have much pain untill I was completley off the Methadone.
Some of it is permanent nerve damage and some from the Physical therapy.

There is HOPE though! There is life without these pain meds. I have not taken any Methadone for 3 weeks and a few days..something like that.
I am learning how to live with out taking a pill for pain. It is tough and uncomfortable but they are not a solution for anything.
I have been doing well with ice and tylenol as needed.
I want to say that if you just stick with it and don't back slide again by taking any morphine that there are better days to come. So many people on here have done this before there posts.
Maybe if you have not involved a doc to help with your detox it is time to incorporate one in. They need for you to be totally honest so that they can best help you. There are things out there that can help with the detox issues that are not controlled substances. Non addictive things.
Anyway keep us posted and keep on venting........Chrissy:angel:

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