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Re: Marijuana
Jul 12, 2007
Hi Static,

Well congrats on your success in quiting the pot! Ya know, I was never very into it, but everybody I've known was. I've known many who smoke it like cigarettes even! I know, for some it's very hard to quit.

Just wondering, why did you quit?

What you're experiencing is just a readjustment. Pot relaxes you, and it's not there now. It will pass in about a month. I don't really think you're experiencing ADD, just ADD-like effects. There are alot of things that can mimic ADD. Any w/d from ANY substance is going to cause 'weird things' to happen and feel. When you do somehting for 2 years and your body is used to it, then you stop, of course you're gonna feel different. It's just a matter of adjusting to all these new feelings....NORMALCY!

At the risk of being attacked here (I know I am opening a HUGE can of worms)...of all the possible substances out there, if something is going to be legal, it should be marijuana....IN MY OPINION. The one problem is IT DOES tend to lead to bigger things. However, I haven't seen one person yet that tried pot and didn't DRINK first.

I've done it all almost....and Alcohol, LEGAL, is the absolute worst and shouldn't even be considered legal. I find it rediculous. It's the most damaging drug there is. I know it will always be legal, we've been through that right? And there's too much money for the gov't in alcohol in more ways than most people even realize.

Okay, sorry to go off on that....

I just think you're looking at a little time. I don't think anything is developing as a result of not smoking. JUst try to be patient. These symptoms should subside.


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