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Hi Sue,

I am an alcoholic of 25 years. I haven't drank in a year and a half. The last 6 years of my drinking consisted of drinking all day/night everyday. Waking to drink to calm the withdrawals.

Have you ever had a hangover? That is alcohol w/d. However, after long term drinking over many years, that 'hangover' is multiplied by a 100.

The drinking 'spells' you refer to your boyfriend has are commonly known as 'binge drinking' and many alcoholics do this. One does not have to drink everyday to be an alcoholic.

All of the symptoms you are describing are alcohol w/d. There is also shaking, heart palpitations, lack of appetite, and other things that happen.

It's kind of hard to advise you on how to help without knowing how much he drinks, how often, how long he's been drinking and things like this. Does he feel he has a problem with drinking?
Maybe with a little more information, I'm sure there are many of us who may be able to help out a little and would be more than happy to do. Can you give us a little more background?

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