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I'm an alcoholic, and I must say, you DONT sound like one to me!

It never ceases to amaze me how fellow drunks will pounce on some new "prey" and get all in their face and lecture and adonish but of course, just stop short of saying, "Youre an alcoholic!!" But word it in such a way as to make you question yourself, even your own sanity, and scratch your head and worry (as no doubt you are worrying right now). Like AHA, gotcha! Ug. I am so sorry for the responses you have gotten.

From what you shared, you DONT SOUND LIKE, an alcoholic. Could you be? Maybe, possibly. Could u maybe develop into one someday? Sure... but so can many people.

I would get a physical for your own peace of mind after the unnecessary worry and guilty thrown on you by people on this board, and just BE CAREFUL.

I completely disagree that because you have asked if u have a problem, MEANS you have a problem (with booze). That is absurd. I worry all the time about certain things I fear and that does not mean they are true or ever will come true. I worry I will choke to death. I worry I will die (I am young). I worry I will never grow to be all GOd intended for me to be. I worry I will always be alone. I worry that ache in my arm is a heart attack coming on. Worry and fears prove NOTHING.

You may have an anxiety over becoming an alcoholic and well, who does want to ever be an alcoholic? Worry is a form of control, also; many things we worry about are things we THINK we are controlling/preventing from happening by worrying about them. It does not mean that the thing we worry so much about WILL happen. Usually quite the opposite.

As a 19 year alcoholic here, who does not attend AA (but will be told she is in "denial" because she disagrees with a lot of things about it, I am sure), again you do not sound like you have a problem. But, that doesnt mean I wouldnt heed this person's wise advice:

[I][B]I once wondered if I was an alcoholic also. The best advice I got was from my college counselor who suggested I go out and try to have just three drinks. No matter what happens do not have more than one. Even if someone offers to buy you one or your best friend is celebrating her birthday. If you can do it without experiencing anxiety you are probably ok. If you can do it, but you find yourself preoccupied with the fact you cannot have anymore after your third drink you may want to consider getting some help[/B][/I]

Please try to relax, take a walk to clear your head. I doubt seriously u have anything to be concerned about but remember that being educated is a big key to knowledge.

I will not be popular for saying what Ive said on this thread but I dont care. Just because *I* am a drunk, doesnt mean u are nor does it mean its my job to find a reason to say that you are one.

God bless you!


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