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Re: Need to know
Jul 17, 2007
Hello Again

I am sure the pharmacist notices it. More sure am I that the insurance company notices it and red flags you in the computers. Insurance companies do track the meds we order ( you can get a printout online simply by creating an account with your insurance company and I do this merely for income tax purposes). Our drug order history becomes available to the pharmacists simply because we have the pharmacy create an account concerning our prescriptions for payment. Not only do the pharamcists have access to any red flags the insurance companies mark our accounts with, but some insurance companies also send letters to every doctor prescribing to us if they think we are doctor shopping. This is when Schedule II or Schedule III drugs are being prescribed. It is a precautionary procedure and there is no need for you to be alarmed at this point. I have had the pharmacy thing happen and, ironically funny, it occured as I was withdrawing from Xanax recently. I decide to work with my family doctor on the withdrawal, not the oncologist who had been prescribing for me all along. After I had filled a more controlled script from the family doctor, I took a step to protect myself fom ever abusing the drug while withdrawing. There were two scripts left on file from the oncologist. The second refill I needed while withdrawing slowly in a taper, I refilld one of those from the oncologist. I was trying to remove any temptation in the future. I got redflagged by the insurance company because I showed up as getting the same script from two different doctors! hahahaha. The pharmacist simply was able to do an override. We talked and that is when I found out that I could simply have asked for those refill orders to be cancelled. hahaha. Just cements for me that open, honest dialogue is the best course of action in all situations.

Perhaps it would be better to stick strictly with your OB-GYN for all scripts concerning the pain while you await the hysterectomy. I wish you well on the upcoming surgery.


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