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Hey again,
This is a post from the website that's all about suboxone that lists out a taper someone did successfully and that a lot of other people followed as well. I thought I would post it for Michelle and Maggie and anyone else trying to taper off of sub.

[I]Hey Brett, for me it has been almost 7 weeks, and Ros a couple more. I feel just great. No PAWS, the little lethary came and went. No cravings. I really feel good, and I put it here somewhere, I think a good word for it is content. Yeah, slow down my friend. You have to, have to get that sleep gig figured out and all that. Sleepy beams to you. -Mary

Hi Tracy, welcome! You can do this. I started on 16mg June, 2005 and ended at 0 on June 2, 2006. 16mgs for around 3 1/2 months, 12mg for around 2 1/2,. Stayed there until (I'm not really that anal, but it's all here, so I'm looking up the dates starting with 8 and under...)
8 starting January 1
4 February 22 (7 1/2 weeks)
3 first week of April
2 for 2 weeks
1.5 for 2 weeks
1 for 2 weeks
.5 for 2 weeks
and done

I felt hardly anything until it got to 2mg. and then it was split half/half during the day as far apart as I could. From 2 and under, I had mild WD symptoms, mainly sleep disruptions for a couple of days a couple of days after the reduction. It was pretty easy for me. The worst for me was to 0, and that wasn't bad either. Sleep disturbances for a few days, restless legs, some chills, goosebumps, but it passed within a week. The fatigue lasted maybe 2, but nothing severe that I missed work or even took a nap during the day. I did exercise, eat right, drink plenty of fluids, vitamins, exercise (did I mention that) and kept a positive attitude the whole time. It was also very cool to have had Ros to do it with, although we documented our tapering journeys, we also kept our minds off of the little things, and we had each other to ***** to. She's a good friend and a great person. I was lucky that we were doing it together.

So, I guess I would say, take it slow. Give yourself to adjust between drops. Ros and I both did around 2 weeks in between to even out. If you need to take a bump up because you feel like crap, don't worry about it. You'll get there. Don't over analyze everything, like if you sneeze, don't immediately think that you're going into withdrawal (I did that once and then realized that there was pollen blowing everywhere! LOL!). EXERCISE - Really important to do whether you feel like it or not. Vitamins, Multi, I took extra B12, and other people have taken extra other stuff. Eat right. Have a good support system. There's another tapering thread on here now. Feel free to post there, there are 3 others who are posting there. Brett is one. It's good to have people you ask stuff to, or just ***** to if you want. :) Keep your mind occupied. Looks like you've got a lot of that covered with a job and 2 boys!
Tracy, you can do this. Just take your time and think positive. And I'll be here when you need someone to talk to, ***** to, or whatever! -Mary[/I]

Hope that is helpful! The moderator on that site made that post a sticky since so many people were using that plan and requesting it. They also talked about buying a jeweler's scale to divide sub into tiny doses. Grind it into a powder and use a jeweler's (very small) scale to divide into several parts. They also suggest using an eye dropper to measure out the smaller amounts. Apparently in Europe you can buy sub in a .2 mg dose (yes that's not a typo- .2 instead of 2 mg which is 1/4 of an average size 8 mg pill) and it's called Temgesic and it's prescribed for pain. That shows how strong sub is that a .2 dose would work! Food for thought. :-)

Have a good one!

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