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Re: Reach-Help Me
Jul 20, 2007
Reach, I had posted a while ago on this board, looking for some advice on benzo withdrawal headaches.

I am still doing my taper, I just cut 1/8 mg Wednesday, and already yesterday night I started feeling the very bad headache, nausea, muscle pain, stomach trouble, that I get.

I am so glad to read your advice to Loop today, I just want you to know that both Loops' messages to you, and your messages back, was exactly what I needed to read today. I haven't read the board much lately, just checked in quickly on my lunch at work to see if there were any topics I might get help from.

I am down to 1.625 mg Klonopin, from all kinds of abuse, up near 4 mgs a day some days, some days 3 mgs, some days 6, I was all over the place, some days I took my prescribed 2 mgs per day, 2.5 mgs, it was ridiculous.

I "had" to lie to my psych. dr. and told him I was taking pretty much due to anxiety 2.5 mg per day (my prescribed was 2 mg per day), so he told me to start at 2.25 mg and cut every 2-4 weeks, as long as I needed, actually, because he knows my history with very difficult withdrawal, and very LONG withdrawal, from SSRI's and an antipsychotic. So I think I was cutting way too much of a big drop in the beginning, which caught up with me. I was at 1.625 mg about a month ago, and I WISH I HAD NOT GONE BACK UP to 1.75 mg due to severe sickness, I just wish I had stuck it out. It was a weekend, I would have been able to do nothing and just lay around the house, it started ** 8 days after ** I did the cut from 1.75 mg to 1.625 mg, but I went back up, and it has taken me another month to get back here.

I am DETERMINED to not go up no matter what. I do have a very good job, have only 1.5 sick days left for this year, so I do have to come to work every day, but I am doing my best here, and my boss is out alot at conferences, etc. during the summer, so some days I just leave early, and make up my time on the weekends, mid-morning is my best time for my job, which requires lots of reading and editing and brain work and website work, which is after I take my am dose.

ANYWAY, my whole point of this nonsense is I really needed to read your post to NOT go back up, no matter what. If I am sick this weekend, so be it. I can lay around my house all weekend with my dog. My son is a Sonar Technician on a Submarine in the Navy, he does not live with me any more, I live along with my wonderful miniature daschund "Kramer", who I have had for 10 years, and he does not care if I am sick, as long as he gets his walks and treats!! I have a boyfriend in recovery who does understand what I am going through, but, as you said, I cannot continue to burden him this weekend with how bad I feel (if I do, I am already projecting that I will!! as I do not feel very good right now, already today, lunchtime). I also needed to read what you told Loop about how to deal with his wife, same with my boyfriend.

I wish I did not write these very long messages, I can type really fast, and just get carried away, and I do not re-read, I figure what ever comes out, is meant to come out.

SO, Reach, a BIG THANK YOU today from another grateful recovering addict who you have helped today.


Navy Sub Mom

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