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Hi Harmony, I am new to this board and want to wish you the bestest wishes from OZ for your recovery. I have managed to wean myself off of endone (which I think is our version of vicodin). Had a serious spinal injury and dr's just kept giving it to me until I needed it to feel normal. Good luck with your detox and recovery - you can do it!

You sound like a very strong person and now it seems you are through the worst of the detox. I did it differently by weaning myself down. Now I have to do the same with Valium and Xanax. These two are taking a hold of me and I need to wean off them also. Just trying to find the strength like you to do it.

You have given me inspiration Harmony to start the agonising process of weaning down. I will start tomorrow. Have members of my family that have no clue on how bad things are for me at the moment - and I want it to stay like that. Mine all started with the death of my brother (who I was very close to) in a horrific car accident. Grief and depression and panic attacks lead my DR to prescribe these drugs and now I can't stop taking them, just to feel normal.

THankyou for listening to me, you have definately come a long way and I hope that I can do it too. THis is only my 3rd post on this board and reading your story has really helped me. Thankyou. I will definately start tomorrow morning and will come on here and post and let you all know how I am going. Ta Tessa:confused:

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