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I was put on Suboxone back in May after a 7 day in-patient stay in detox for Oxycontin (40's & 80's) mostly, but I would take whatever I could get my hands on that was an opiate or benzo. I had been addicted to the opiates for 4 years before going into detox. So it was a pretty scary thing for me. My detox Dr. started me on 8mg of Suboxone on the first day and tapered me down every day by 1 mg. This was a very fast taper, but of course in detox, you're given all kinds of sedatives and things to keep you mellow. However, when I got down to 2 mg. in detox, I started freaking out. I was real emotional, crying all day. So he put me back up to 4 mg/day. I left detox on 4 mg/day and stayed on that for about 4 months. The 4 mg/day worked for me. Well, about 15 days ago, I started my taper from the Suboxone. I got a taper schedule from my Dr., but I didn't agree with it, so I pretty much made my own. And it went better than expected. The first day that I was on nothing at all, I was alright, but I was sure the sickness was in the mail. And sure enough, on the second day I started to feel pretty bad. Body aches, really tired, bad insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, restless legs and arms, chills, hot flashes, anxiety, sweats.... list goes on. But these wd's were so much milder than they would have been from a full strength opiate, I know that. And they did subside. Every day I started to feel a little better. Today, I am 15 days clean from everything, opiates, benzos, and Suboxone. I am SO grateful!!!
Before I went into detox, I never thought that I would be able to get off of opiates. I had accepted that the rest of my life would be controlled and consumed by this drug. Well, today, my mind is clearer than ever. I feel like a fog has been lifted. So for anyone going through the Suboxone wd's, you WILL get through it. You WILL feel better soon. The wd's don't last forever. And for the rest of your life to live sober, is worth going through just a little while of wd's. Suboxone does work, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get off of Opiates. Some things that helped me get through the wd's from Suboxone were, Seroquel for sleep, Clonidine, and Rhovane, which also helps sleep and anxiety. Rhovane is in the benzo family, but is NOT a narcotic. I think that sleep is very important when you're getting off Suboxone, as well as trying to get out during the day, even if you're feeling really bad, to take a walk or something. Anyways, I pray for anyone going through what I went through, and I wish the best for everyone.


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