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Well. Not sure that a Saturday night and an impulse is the best way to handle this issue, but we start when we start. Smiles.

I don't think it is going to be horrible if you are still going to be taking the Norco. Is this the plan? Is there a plan? Addiction is a complicated issue and we need the preparation of a plan not only to detox, but to stay detoxed. The first part of the plan without the second part is usually a plan for disaster.

I don't want you to try and do this scared out of your wits. It is better to attack the issue with calmness and foresight and knowledge. All of us here want, as you do, to see you successfully get off un-needed narcotics and change the addictive thinking and behaviour. Having two doctors write the same prescription for the norco is deceptive and is a clear cut dispaly of addictive behaviour. It is addictive thinking to soothe the conscience by thinking that if something is not illegal, it is okay.

A good place to start right now would be to read the "Sample Home Detox," the very first thread on this board. It will help with the physical withdrawal a great deal. Then perhaps you should busy yourself and read lots and lots of threds on this board and get a handle on what you are really dealing with in coming off the hydrocodone.

Come back and share as I am sure questions will araise as you begin to learn.

Good wishes

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