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Hi mentalvdt - welcome to the board - it's a great place to come for help. I was where you are in mid April of this year. I was taking up to 25 vicodin 10/500 per day and was so over it. I too was Dr. shopping and the pills were no longer "helping" me. I had hit the wall so to speak. I had tried tapering, but realize now that I was trying to go down too much too fast. It ultimately failed because I felt so bad. I realize now, after coming to this board and learning (especially from Reach) that I went about the tapering all wrong. In mid April I quit ct at home after deciding that, for many reasons, I could not go to a detox facility. Everyone is different, but, for me, it has been a really long hard road - including a recent suicide attempt. The detox brought on severe anxiety and depression and I cannot take anti-depressants because I am super succeptable to negative side effects. (I strongly believe an anti-d brought on the suicidal thoughts and attempt). But I am here and I hope that my sharing might help you in some way.

Firstly, have you considered tapering? Or as Chrissy suggested Methadone or Suboxone??? I did not know about the drug assisted detox at that time so it wasn't an option for me, although I am considering it now possibly. (I recently started taking very small amounts of vicodin again just to take the edge off the withdrawals and rls and to give me some evergy - but that's another story and hopefully won't go on for long). :(

Anyway........I would suggest researching detox as much as possible. It's not too late. And definitely read the self detox post at the top of this board. Stock up on the items listed there - you will need them and they really do help.

For the rls - try hot baths and heating pads work well too - also keeping active and leg exercises. For me this has been one of the biggest problems. It didn't start for me until about 2 months into it, which I thought was strange, but, like I said - everyone's different.

I don't know how much you can share with your husband, but real life support is essential. I don't have much of it myself, but the support I do have I really need and, yeah, the hugs are soooooo helpful!!!! And love yourself!!! Try not to be too hard on yourself, I know it's easier said than done - but, be hard enough to get through this - just try not to let the guilt get to ya.

Let us know how you're doing and try to stay strong!!!! This will probably be one of, if not the most difficult things you have or ever will go thru - but you can do it. Everyone here is rooting for you!!!!!!! :angel:



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