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Good Morning Tessa,

That was a huge step for you to start this thread. Good for you!!

I want to tell you how proud I am of you for making the decision to get off all the pills.
So many people on this board have a similar story to yours.
They are examples of hope that you to can come to a better place in your life with out the use of drugs or alcohol.

The greiving process has I think 7 stages and they do not have any real order and you can jump from stage to stage. There is no set length of time for any one person who is greiving. It may be short or long or an on going work in progress.
Did you decide to get your doctor invilved in the detox part of your recovery plan?
I only ask becasue it concerns me that at one time you did have a seizure.
Sometimes it is so very hard to get honest with the people in our lives about what is going on.....I think because in some way we feel as though we have let them and ourselves down. ANd yes.. it is, to an extent a very humiliating thing to go to another human being and admit that we are in a state of hoplessness and helplessness.

Tessa all that hoplessness and helplessness and the insanity that the drugs have and may still cause can be restored for you!!! :)
You mentioned that you are of the Catholic faith so I know you believe in God, right?
Well now is the time to really tap into that source and ask for his care and guidence through this journey.
Kicking these drugs is not easy phsyically and then when they are out of our system we still have to learn how to handle our emoitions and attiudes.
But the price of continuing to use is one that is to great to pay...for me anyway...
There is hope for you Tessa and so many of us are going to be here to reach out to you when you need us.

I might suggest that when your up to it you seek out some 12 step groups and maybe some more counceling if your not going already
If you are going to a will want to get honest with him/her if you have not already...
I am sending you an angel and Hug...:angel: Chrissy

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