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you realy should be cutting down on the benzo's in 10% increments every week to 10 days. I dont know how much you are cutting down, but just cutting it in half, or a 30% reduction, or 50% reduction will become quite filled with symptoms. I would cut out the xanax first since its half life is short. I would keep the valium where it is, in fact it maybe wise to increase the valium to compensate for the xanax and just cut out the xanax all together then go 10% every week. But either way, the valium can act like a buffer since it can stay in your body for a while(days). The withdrawal can continue well into you being off the drugs, as your brains gaba receptors take time to adjust and turn back on without the drugs. I tapered off xanax without valium and it was hell. Slow is the key. I wouldn't judge having 1 good day here and there as your indication of what is to come. I didn't notice my serious symptoms for days after cuts. These drugs you have to be smarter than. I would go to a benzo site like benzo buddies and get advice, and talk to your doctor before you do anything. goodluck.

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