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[QUOTE=allsorts;3139733]But my question is, am I one of those people that needs to stay away from it forever? Or just cut down on the cravings?[/quote]Ultimately, that is a question we all must answer for ourselves. My brother and I used to be great drinking some point, my habit went daily and he stayed a binge drinker. Now, I don't drink at all, and he has [i]one[/i] beer a couple of times a year. No matter how much I envy him that pleasure - I [i]know[/i] I can't join him. All one beer does is make me want two, and all two does is make me want three - ad infinitum. The statement "Once I start, I can't stop" is a clue that you might be the same way. It's hard to say. I'll tell you this much - you don't want to end up where many alcoholics find themselves - needing to drink all day, every day.

[quote]One more thing, what exactly does a detox entail? Does it involve cleansing the insides the body by eating and drinking healthy?[/QUOTE]From what you've said, I doubt your detox will be dangerous. if you drank yesterday, and you aren't drinking today, and you feel remotely human, you're probably okay. [b]NOTE: Alcohol withdrawal can be extremely dangerous for long-term chronic drinkers.[/b] If you have been drinking daily for any length of time, and you start to feel extremely ill from stopping, go to Emergency and tell them what's going on. Believe it or not, in one week in a medium sized American city, more people will die from Alcohol withdrawals than will die in the entire country over a full year from opiate and cocaine withdrawals - [i]combined[/i].

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