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Valium IS an anti-anxiety med. It is a tranquilizer, a "benzo."

Under some legitimate circumstances, opiates and benzos are mixed under specific doctor direction. Is it the medical doctor or the dentist who will prescibe the Valium? Is he prescribing it for anxiety? It is not a painkiller... it will only help you to relax.

A great painkiller is aspirin. It works on pain and imflammation. ANd it might well be all you will need. Actually, I have read quite a few articles that state that if aspirin had been invented today, it would more than likely be a presciption and not over the counter.

I know you are worrying and anticipating horrrible pain. I am sorry about that. I, too, feared dental work with all my being until this last time with the deep cleaning. I struggeled to come off pain killers AND benzos after a ten year run on them for chronic pain. The struggle forced me into a great deal of changing in my thinking concerning pain. I try not to anticipate extensive pain and deal with pain now only when it becomes a necessity. Please try to organize your thoughts about it with the upcoming dental surgery. It well may be that it is not going to be half as bad as you are anticipating! If you go home afterwards and have really severe pain, have the doctor call in a script for something.

Once we have dealt with severe pain, we often begin to fear any and all pain and overwork our imaginations and brains to fend off any kind of pain. I understand that. I am not making light of tooth extraction and gums being cut, but please do not make it overly huge in your imagination. You will be okay. Smiles. Just deal with your sub doctor and keep him in the loop and in charge of your meds.

Good luck

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