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I was addicted to pain medication and the place where I worked paid for me to go to chit chat rehab center in PA. They brought me down to from NY and I stayed for a month. First you go to a unit that helps you physically get off the pills (detox) and then you are moved to another building that is like a dorm room and you go to meetings, meetings, meetings! You are always on the go with different things to do. I think that is to take your mind off why you are there in the first place.

What is nice about it is you are with people that are going through the same thing, whether it is pills or alcohol, or both. They have psychologists to help you mentally and most of the counsellors have been addicts themselves and know what you are going through. One of the worse things for me was my addiction to caffeine. I had a terrific headache for two days. There is no caffeine there at all. I had no idea how addicted to that I was.

I would have to say it was a very positive experience. Unfortunately, I didn't take all the advice they gave and ended up right back to where I was. Fortunately, with the help of my physician I was able to quit on my own a year later. It is an ongoing battle.

Right now I am struggling with taking percocet because of a lung operation. So far I only take one a day. The problem is it has been two weeks and the recovery time for this surgery can be 4-6 weeks.

I was told I could take 2 pills every four to six hours. I chose the one pill a day when the pain seemed to be more than I could take. I know I am going to have to get off them soon but I can honestly say just taking one doesn't give me a high feeling that I was always looking for before. It just kills the pain slightly.

Good luck to you and if you do go to rehab please take every bit of knowledge you get and put it to use right away after leaving. I believe if I had gone to meetings and left my spouse who was an alcoholic I might have stayed off of them!


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