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[QUOTE=3wilds;3148517]I've been dealing with chronic pain for years but now since I've been in physical therapy my only pain seems to be from withdrawls so I want my life back. I say this because I'm so depressed, have a hard time eating, can't get myself to shower or do anything except lay around since I sold my business in June. I've cut down from 30 to 25mgs a day of methadone and use 20-30mgs of hydro per day. But since I cut down I'm withdrawing everyday and my emotional status won't let me cut down any further and meth clinics that use the taper method will only prolong the hell for 6-8 weeks min. and I know I couldn't take that. The only way that seems not cruel and hellish is the buprenorphine detox for 4-5 days followed by suboxone for 3 weeks. Everyone here says suboxone is a godsend but I don't think they're trying to get off it yet. I've heard its like trading one evil for its kid brother but I think that from what I've heard that getting off of suboxone is easier than getting off of methadone. I don't have any support system, no good friends or family to really help me so I'm doing what I can to make the decision to go into detox. The clinic doc says his only concern is if I can handle my pain without any meds when its over and I'm worried about that also but I want my life back so bad. I want to know what its like to feel normal again. Alcohol abuse use to make me get things done and feel good for a little while but that doesn't work any more so I plan on a inpatient service after detox to abstain from alcohol and my depressing home life. I'm looking for any kind of advice anyone can give me exspecially if you used methadone in the past. Thanks...[/QUOTE]
I do feel for you. I haven't used suboxone (sp?), but my thinking is that we didn't get here overnight, that nothing worth having comes easy, that without the pain there is no gain. We have to go through what is necessary for us to NEVER go back again. We will get through this; the depression, the weight loss, weakness and all the other "fun stuff" we've got to look forward to. Will it be worth it? Will getting off be worth having our life back? Laughing again? Crying tears of joy rather than tears of pain and shame? You betcha. You are worth it!! It'll be worth every agonizing minute, but we need each other. I can't stress that enough. We truly NEED each other. Like I said in my first post, "it's (addiction) bigger than we are".

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