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LynnMcG - Wow That sounds depressing and difficult and I understand your bitterness at the system.

However, would your family been better off if he was using H that entire time? I know you are going for the perfect scenario but that's just not feasible most of the time.

How long did he taper off? I've heard many stories that has me convinced that people react differently. For instance, a friend just told me he quit over two weeks just on two 8's spread out. (However, I have to question his sincerity.) But most seem to say to go veeeerrrry slow at the end.

Remember too that it is much easier to get off than Methadone.

I have thought long about the current medical community, specifically in relation to any drug makers. For instance, why should *I* ask for Levitra like the commercial says, shouldn't it be up to the "profesional?"

In addition, many doctors over-prescribe. For instance, I am Bi-Polar. Have been for years and take a medication that actually works (because I really HAVE it!) Trust me I was against psychological medicine for many reasons, but after a few suicide attempts it became a matter of having nothing to losse. Even then I didn't trust the first diagnoses and went to a second! The stuff literally saved my life! But 9/10 people are misdiagnosed and them or their insurance still pays the $4 a pill bill. (And threatens us who really need it...I empathize people with chronic pain right now with oc actually.)

I am still on Suboxone, but if it didn't exist I would be broke and have lost my job by now. I know I have to face the music, but hopefully I'll find a tapering schedule that works for me while keeping my life and dreams alive.

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