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[QUOTE=Giants20;3182057]I know there are a few people on here that have or are still using suboxone. Would you recommend it with a Suboxone specialized Doctor with a designated program? I have tried stopping and obvioulsy the wd's are horrible. I am a vicodin and OC user and I have to get off of them.

Any insight would be appreciated. I have my initial blood work tommorrow morning...I have been reading up on this and it seems like a good route if you truly want to get off of this junk and follow a prescribed program from a legimate specialized Doctor.

Help please.[/QUOTE]

My husband just came off suboxone (from heroin). All I know, is that the withdrawl from the sub was worse than the heroin. He said he would never do it again. You become a slave to those pills. He never felt normal taking it and only wanted to use it temporarily to aleviate his wd's from the dope. But it's not like that. It's definately a long-term treatment. Plus, he wound up with anxiety issues and his doctor got him hooked on Xanex. But before that the doctor had him on anti-depressants and Klonapin too. Now we're dealing with wd's from that after a week-long stay in detox. Going to detox for the heroin in the first place would have been the best choice for him. In our case, one addiction lead to another and another and another.

OK, that said. That was our experience. And I say ours, because addiction is a family disease and my kids and I are as affected as my husband is.

The mistake we made before he went on suboxone was not getting information the way you are. We spoke to his doctor (idiot - probably getting cash from the pharmacuetical company) and read the pharmaceutical company's website info. Both sources were skewed and not at all helpful. They made it sound like a dream. And it wasn't - for us.

I know what I had to say was negative, but our lives have been turned upside down due to suboxone. Keep doing what you're doing, and get as much information as you possibly can from everyone you can as you're making your decision. I wish you the best in your treatment. Congratulations on taking that first step.

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