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[SIZE="4"]I have been taking 5mg percocet for the past year because I have two
slipped discs.. it started with two a day, then 5 a day and the past 3
months, I take 10 a day but all at once. its usually around 9PM. I was
prescriped 60 oxycontin 10mg last week. I went through those in three
days. thats when I realized and decided not to take anymore, im tired
of depending on these things to live or be normal and I just want my
life back. I have not taking them since sunday. and sunday I only took
1, 10mg percocet. so I am on day 4 without any pain medication and I
am in A LOT of pain, i feel like I have the flu and just feel crappy.
I just got a call from my doc saying that my script for 60 percocet is
ready to be picked up. but i am fighting with myself not to go pick it
up. i keep thinking would it be easier to pick them up and ween myself
off? but can i really be trusted? how many more days until i stop
feeling like crap? has anyone else gone through this? what should i do? I have felt so crappy these past four days. i dont want to do anything just sit around. everything irratates me and im just tired of feeling like this. i just feel so lost, so sick. i just dont know what to do[/SIZE]
The problem is that my husband also takes them but he is doing this with me. we both have not taken anything since sunday. I took one on sunday he took 4 but nothing since then. we have both been feeling like crap but usually if i get a scrip we would both get excited. this time it was like ok now what and i really have no desire to take them. I am sick of them. I just dont like feeling so sick. but I am on day 4 of being clean so i guess it would be stupid of me to take one just take the withdrawals away. im just going to try to stick with it and do it cold turkey like i have been. i know it will be hard but I think in my case, it is the best way. and as far as my pain from the discs goes i guess i can talk to my doctor about prescriping some kind of patch? thank you so much for your response. it was really helpful.

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