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Have you asked your doctor to try you on Requip??That stuff is AWESOME for the leg jimmies...I have a friend that was experiencing this exact thing on suboxone and she says the Requip works miracles for her...It would be worth a shot for a decent nights sleep...Oh and its non narcotic and doesnt cause dependancy...Just in case you were wondering...More than likely you feel bad because of lack of sleep....
Good Luck

3 weeks on methadone ISNT enough time to stabilize out on it and know whether or not its gonna work for you..I was lucky in that I was told that I may feel bad the first month or so therefore I knew what to expect..And I did feel bad that first month..I had daily headaches,my dose wasnt holding me even half the day so i wasnt sleeping at night therefore when I DID dose in the mornings I would doze off whereever I was sitting because my body was so relieved to have some sort of relief..After the first 4 weeks or so my body started adjusting to the medication(Like most meds it has an adjustment period where you body just simply has to get used to the meds)..I have been an MMT patient for over 3yrs and am stable where I am at..I feel the same in the morning when I dose as I did before I dosed..I just feel "normal".Its been a godsend to me..If I would have given up because of how I was feeling at 3 weeks in I would have never acheived what I have today..I am back to working in my trained field that I LOVE..Making more money than I EVER thought I could/would make in my life..My kids are stable,happy,safe and doing great.My marriage went from the verdge of divorce to back to normal and my family trusts me again..That being said..Methadone DOESNT work for everyone..Some people just dont tolerate it as well as others..Its not the treatment for everyone either..For me it was a last resort sort of thing that turned out great..If his problem is clinic related then I dont really have any advice for him because in general while there are a few great clinics here in the US most are crap...But a neccasary evil if methadone works for you..

Okay now if he is truly wanting to come off it for whatever his reasoning.I really wish I knew more of what the trouble he is having is..Anyways if he is truly wanting to come off it and is determained then I would consider him switching to the suboxone..If it were me anyways..If he gets on the suboxone and realizes that the methadone was actually helping him more than he thought he can always go back...But at only 3 weeks in the switch shouldnt be that hard..Ofcourse alot would depend on the dose he is at now and I would discuss this with a reputable doctor..This would also take away the bs of the clinic IF its the clinic thats the problem..Most suboxone doctors Rx a weeks worth a a time in the beginning until the patient is stabilized(though some may require him to come a couple days in a row for evaulation) but it should not take to long before its an only once a month deal..Oh another thing I would watch for if he decides to go the suboxone route on a trial basis is that I have noticed atleast in this area anyways the sub doctors are Rx'ing benzos willynilly with the suboxone and you are really asking for trouble if you get into that..Just my opinion..And if you will read up on some of the people here who have had to come off of benzo's and the hell they have went through you would understand why I say that...
Well I gotta go to bed....I wish you and your son the best..he is a lucky man to have such an understanding dad...


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