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Hey Kuko-

I tried to drop from 3mg to 0mg over the past week, ended up feeling like i was losing my MIND, so i'm back now on 2mg and i'm going to SLOWLY taper off it.
But during those few days of was a feeling that couldn't be described, and bcuz i wasn't VISUALLY suffering to those around me (like vomiting, or things that show people your really sick), they didn't understand how horrendous it was...and that just made it worse.
I felt like i was going insane. Couldn't sit still, but was sooo tired that i couldn't get up and do anything. Anxiety and SEVERE leg matter how much sleeping med. i took, i couldn't get my legs to stop shaking and i couldn't sleep. It was sheer HELL!
I've tried to look up "detox off sub." to get a better idea of what happens and what to expect, but all that comes up is forums like medical info. that i can share with my hubby so he'll be a little more understanding and patient.
Anyways.....i'd be interested in learning more about why it has this affect when coming off it.....bcuz it was truely near impossible to go CT.

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