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Listen, about 4 years ago I had to come off of Celexa ( anti-d) and it was H***!! I had taken it for about 3 years and it was awful to come off of. I cut down so slow, there was no slower way to even come off of it and yet is was awful.

I had these "brain zaps" if you will................I would feel this electric shock in my brain and I also had this awful sensation that when I would turn my head it felt as if my head would turn and then my brain would turn a few seconds later. It is very hard to describe, but it was horrible. I swore I would never, ever take another anti-d because I would not live through that wd again. I was on xanax at the time and my psych offered to up my dose to help me but I refused because I was terrified to add anything to this mess.

I have heard that Celexa is one of the scariest drugs to wd from because of the horrible psychological feelings it causes. I had feelings of being too tall to walk through our doorways in our house............I also felt like I was always walking uphill............then there was this zapping sound I heard in my head several times a day. Very scary, so yes, you are 100% right that these can be just as hard to come off of.

In fact, after the Celexa wd, I was not afraid of doing a cold turkey wd of hydro. That is how bad the Celexa thing was........

what anti-d are you coming off of if you don't mind me asking.

Love and prayers to you

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