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Hi ! The recent anti-depressant I was taking, and thank G-d it wasn't for very long was Celexa and what a pain in the neck even for only a couple of weeks! I thought I was gonna jump out of my skin while taking this thing, and then even with a gradual reduction the depression is the pits. Right now I'm taking Risperdal 0.5 mg 2x a day, Nasonex, and Zyrtec. Believe me, if I didn't have to take them right now, I wouldn't. I have been getting the hives for so long and they keep pointing to my digestive tract as the reason. Granted, with fibromyalgia I'm sensitive to meds anyway and I can only tolerate a med for no longer than maybe 3 weeks--but, wait! does that mean I'm bipolar because everything runs in 3's? I have severe anxiety dating back to when I was a kid and it's a familial thing, too, but I have to say some of these meds are HORRIBLE!! Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease. I absolutely hate the side effects from some of these meds and I have to say when I stopped smoking over 4 months ago cold turkey the withdrawal from that didn't feel as bad as some of these "good" meds have made me feel. Is there nothing that a recovering alcoholic, fibromyalgic, allergic, and sensitive person can take safely with minimal side effects? If any of you folks can think of anything, let me know. As they say in AA, progress, not perfection and I'd like to get to the next step so I can continue my life. Thanks so much--Hopeto--
HEY, i am currently on TRAZODONE, and am on the same MG, 50 MG.. sometimes i actually may only take half of a pill, 25mg, and it puts me to sleep... but, the trazodone for me doesnt really work much for depression.... this medication is a SLEEP AID at low dosages... it only works as a anti-depressant at VERY HIGH DOES.. like 150 mg OR MORE!! the side effect that really bothers me is in the morning i am very tired and i feel half out of it, its like im a zombie. and its very hard just to wake up in the morning. like when i wake up, my head feels really weird and im like in a CONFUSED STATE OF MIND..., and i look like im MESSED UP, my dad actually thought i was on something, but it was just the medication... but it does work great for sleeping and ANXIETY DISORDER


Hey, I will tell ya, I was on Celexa for 4 years, I thought I was gonna have to be put into a drug induced coma while trying to come off that crap! Oh geez.

I am just like you............I have a horrible time with meds. I have hashimoto's disease and have had a thyroidectomy, but I have a ton of autoimmune issues.

I have tried and failed at most anti-depressants because of the horrible side effects and if there is one listed, I am going to have it! I even get the ones that like less than 1% of the population have.

The one that worked for me was Trazadone ( Deseryl the brand name). It is wonderful for depression and the only side effect it has for me and really it's biggest one period is sedation. It is great though because you take it at bedtime and get a great night's sleep and it really has no hang over effect either.

It is an old drug and my psych says most dr's just don't pull it out anymore but it is a gem for those of us who don't tolerate the ssri's or the others that are so popular now.

Can you ask for it as a trial or have you tried it? I only took ( I am off it right now) 50 mgs at bedtime and it really was a great med. I makes you thirsty and sleepy, that's it and it took care of depression great. The thing gotta get your stuff in order before you take it...........after you swallow it, you get about 30 minutes and then you are OUT! There is no fighting it either, it knocks you out cold. ;) You gotta warn your spouse if they want some cuddle time, I would shout to my hubby ( honey, I need to take my meds before it gets to late, you want me to wait!!!?) hahahahaha:D

Anyhoo, perhaps you can give it a try. I told another gal about it in a support group I am in, she had tried every anti-d made with no help and the Trazadone was her answer. Same thing, it is very old and her dr never used it anymore.

It is cheap too, with my insurance the copay is only $3.

Best wishes![/QUOTE]

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