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[QUOTE=maggie0704;3195380]Hey Katkat:
Don't get down on yourself about taking the Ultram/Ultracet.
I've come off those before and just tapered slowly and its NOTHING like coming off other opiates.
BUT, it IS addictive and it does have addictive properties in it. It blows my mind bcuz the dr. who prescribed me them, SWORE they weren't.
Yet it said on the internet, as well as the info. that came with the RX said it was! I was so angry bcuz he expected me to just stop taking it, not taper.
And at that point i was taking (8) 50mg tabs a day!!!!
I just coulnd't understand how he was adament that it wasn't addictive!!! What was he reading that said IT WASN'T???
Bcuz every single thing i read and even asked OTHER doctors....said YEP!! It is very addictive.
I should have known that when i took my 1st one and felt a bit of euphoria. But i was trying to pretend that the dr. knew what he was talking about and i was hoping that just bcuz he said it wasn't addictive, that i could fool myself. But i knew from the moment i took it, that they were.
So it was easy to fool those around me saying "my dr. said these weren't narcotics and weren't addictive".
I did have some mild withdrawls, but again, NOTHING like when i came off Methadone or tried to come off subaxone.
If i were you, i'd just take as little as possible....even 2-3 (50mg) a day is nothing compared to what people usually take on that.
So it won't be too hard to come off that.....and if it helps u be able to make it thru coming off the Percocets than u need to do what u need to do....especially if u have justified chronic pain.
Good luck sweetie![/QUOTE]

Thank you so much. I feel so much better after reading this. the bottle says to take 2 every 6 hours. So far i have taken one. im not sure what the mg is though. it says 375 mg/37.5mg? I did flush a lot of them down the toilet though because i was angry and scared. so i went from having almost 60 to 14 but i think thats ok. i would rather deal with the pain and hopefully the percocet w/d will get easier and easier im almost at day 11 and counting.

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