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I am so scared!!
Sep 7, 2007
Hello all. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have been surrfing through this site for about 3 days, reading various posts. I started out here becasue I have rhuematiod arthritis and was looking for some info. I came across the addiction thread and just peeked out of curiosity... but now I am scared out of my mind. A few months ago a friend of mine gave me her percocet and I loved how it took the pain away. I took her whole bottle in less then a month, then ran out and was bummed. Recently I started craving it, telling myself its for the pain...I do not currently have health insurance, I went to the ER and told them I was in pain (which I was, honestly) and the ONLY medicine I'm not allergic too is percocet. They fell for it, basically to get me out of there I'm sure. Anyways- I am only taking 7.5 mg, twice a day, but I love them. After reading through the posts I realized I am totally showing signs of a possible addiction. I take prednisone too, so I don't even have any pain anymore (right now anyways)... instead I am taking the percocet because it makes me so calm and gives me energy to get through the day. I am a single mom and work 2 jobs so I use that to justify it. Today I took the last of my percocet from the ER, and I only filled it LAST WEEK. I even called a nurse friend of mine and asked her if she could get me some. What was I thinking??!!!!!

I want to thank everyone who shared there stories on this board, you may have saved me. I am vowing with myself and God right now that as soon as my health insurance kicks in next month, the first thing out of my mouth to the dr. will be, do NOT give me percocet, loratab, morphine etc. no matter how much I beg!! I like it too much!!

Thank you for opening my eyes.

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