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I've been posting here about trying to quit taking , s, etc but was having a lot of trouble doing it on my own. So this last week I checked myself into an inpatient psych ward for detox and to get on Suboxone. The Suboxone helped me out SO much - I can't believe how easy the withdrawals were from the opiates I was taking. I went from taking about 20 pills a day down to none but added in 12mgs of Sub. I'm also taking something for anxiety as needed but I'm not taking any benzos (I've had them in the past and wouldn't want to become addicted to those). I take Trazadone for anxiety... I know that it's mostly used for sleep but in a low dose it really helps with the anxiety.

I left the hospital yesterday and I'm on 8mg of Suboxone right now. I know that's not a high dose but it's fine for me - no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings. I am happy that being on 8 mgs works for me because I know there are some bad withdrawals when stopping the Sub. The only bad thing about the Suboxone is that my insurance doesn't cover it and it's expensive!!

I can't believe that after all that time taking pills everyday that I'm finally off of them and feeling good!! I still don't have regular interent access but hopefully will in the next couple of days. I really want to read the "suboxone" threads so I'll be checking in when I have more time :)

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