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I used to take tramadol for pain. I took it because I am in recovery and they marketed it as a non narcotic pain reliever. They said I couldn't get addicted to it.
I noticed that any day I didn't take th tramadol I would get very sick to my stomach and have terrible cramping. As soon as I would take a pill, the feeling would go away. I got scared, so I stopped taking it.
I realize now, that it also used to give me a buzzed up energetic feeling. I really enjoyed taking them in the morning and started to feel like I couldn't clean the house without it. It totally reminded me of tweak.
That was about a year ago. I have had it prescribed once since then, and I was surprised when I got it filled and the info with the meds said it is narcotic. I asked the pharmacist why it changed. She said that since the oxycontin scare, the pharma companies have over reacted and begun calling many things that are not narcotic addictive. She looked at my history and said I was better off taking tramadol over the other meds I have been on in th last year.
I am not sure if this helps anyone or not, but I can tell you that it was easy for me to put down the tramadol when I noticed I was having physical withdrawals from it. I believe anytime addicts are going through wds it helps to remember it is only temporary, one day or minute at a time, and breathe.....

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