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i finally understood where you were coming from with your post.i have to agree with you and i applaud you for the way you have handled your situation.people with chronic pain have so few resources to handle the pain then have to deal with dependency and finally addiction issues.who knows maybe the suboxne will handle your pain just fine,if not you can go a few days without using it and get back on stronger pain medicine if you need is so hard to find a caring dr to treat pain.i understand completely why you wanted to keep the pain dr from finding out about the sub in case it didnt work out for you.i think you made the right choice bro.just be carefull,dont know what state you are in but here in ky. there is a system called "kasper" set up that is state wide that moniters all scheduled narcotics and benzos.any dr or pharmist can access the kasper to see what narcotics the patient has had filled anywhere in the if your state has something like this the pain dr can find out if you have been scribed sub or any narcotics and if he sees you have used suboxone without telling him/her you will be cut off from that clinic.good luck-spark

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