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Welcome back, I assume by your call out, to your friend Tim, That you've visited this place before.

I too tapered off of Norco's, I know the road you walk, very very well, while I had a wonderful Doctor to hold my hand each step of the way and allow me as much time as I needed to come off completely, the last step was by far the worst ever.

In my case, the first few weeks were awesome, I was so proud of myself, I was finally pill free, it had been such a struggle, but soon the euphoria of success slowly passed and LIFE settled in, the everyday things we all go through, work, bills, kids, stress and learning to live again, was almost, for ME as difficult as tapering, learning to deal with something as simple as my son leaving his home work paper in the pocket of the pants I put in the washer 10 minutes ago, seemed like a monumental life altering event at time, I had to constantly STOP and BREATHE and REMEMBER, that THIS was the LIFE, I so desperately struggled to get back to, THIS, is what I had worked so damn hard for, THIS is all I ever wanted.

At times it was over whelming, at times it still is, but I learned to take it one MINUTE at a time, if it gets to be just too much, I back away and busy myself with something else, I remind myself, if it doesn't include POLICE, FIRE or BLOOD, it can wait 10 or 15 minutes, until I can gather myself again.

you are doing awesome, one minute, one step, is all it takes...
I'm here if you need me.

Still Just

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