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hey maggie thanks for the advice i do appreciate it. i spoke to my dr. this morning because he called me to see how i was feeling, if i had withdrawals yet...i told him they were, at 24 hours later they are really kicking in. im getting back aches, major congestion, i cant see straight, cant focus, and tummy is getting upset...he said for the dosage i was taking 24 hours is a good time to start. i was taking about 15-20 mgs of percocet a day so i guess i font have a very heavy addiction but i have enough that i am going through withdrawal. i dont miss it though which is weird. im rleeived ive done something to stop, i always wanted to stop but was scared to get sick. ok well wish me luck because this is my 1st time being serious about this besides when i got pregnant.

and good luck to you honey i wish you only the best and good luck, if you ever need someone to bs with im here!!!


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