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what i was talking about was after the detox (w/d) period is over,then comes the hardest part of it all.everyday for the rest of your life from here on out you will have thoughts about pills and being high on them everyday.some days will be worse than others and it does get better as time goes by but it will always be there.the brain is always wanting to feel that rush from the is so much stronger than the natural painkillers we have called endorphans.the high is permanently etched in the brain and it is always craving it,sometimes alot sometimes a little,but it is always there.a friend of mine that has been hooked on opiates for over 15yrs told me one day about 5yrs ago that once a person has been addicted to opiates and been on pills for a few yrs that you can never get off the pills all the way.i laughed at him at the time,but now i look back and see how true that statement is.i myself have been addicted for over 10yrs and will be the rest of my life.i wish you the best of luck in your journey.good luck-spark

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