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Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is long but this is my 1st post to this board & I am scared. Please take time to read this & answer the best you can. I would APPRECIATE it so much!
I won't go into too long of a story. SO, I've been a chronic pain patient since 2001 with TMJ/Myofascial pain/Fibromyalgia. My specialist, the doctor (who I trusted & said these meds were safe) wound up putting me on Percocet 10/325 and have been on them since! My doses have been as high as 12 daily back yrs ago. and reduced since & been steady at 8 daily now! I took them just to be able to function everyday without pain! It worked! However, my doctor left his practice suddenly. I had my RX in hand for 1 month of meds to find another doc to prescribe or have my primary care phys. take this over. My PCP said "No, I can't write that"..she referred me to a Rheumatologist. FYI- prior to Rheumy Office Visit, I asked his RN "do I taper off my meds or do I stay on them"...the RN stated "OH NO, don't get off your meds, wait til your visit." AT my Rheumy visit, he states "You have Fibromyalgia but that pain management style is not my methodology" therefore, no meds. Now my month of RX is over. I cry, I tell him what the RN told me to do? Why tell me this & send me out the door with no method to taper down off these meds? He speaks to my PCP - who now refers me to a place that can help me through this.
Frightened ~ as I'm a single parent(with a B*strd EX), I NEED to work & need to do this without anyone knowing. My family & close friends DO KNOW & will assist...I discovered about myself that even though I wasn't considered someone who "scored drugs" or was an illegal "abuser" ..I discovered my body & probably mind at this point are addicted to these meds! Now I must face the music. IN TOTAL FEAR! So, this place I was referred to is suppose to help people to detox out patient, at home (worse patients may go in patient)- they say they provide medications to help ALL symptoms - (not suboxone or methadones etc) OTC meds and some Med's like a drug/agent that blocks the receptors in the brain (for the cravings) is it called Nifrezal??(is this the right name of it) ALso med's for restless legs - ? requip- a prenatal vitamin, something for nausea & for anxiety(they said Klonopin would be ok- I have that). I haven't had the visit YET but this is the info I got over the phone. However, the girl said it wouldn't be this nightmare I am envisioning!? She said (off the record) she use to be in my position but on MORE meds than I - her Detox lasted 3 days and she felt better by day 4, and able to work after this. At this point, I have managed to take my meds I had left, and take only 3 daily! I try to go less ..while I "plan" my time to do this, I thought, if I can cut down to next to nothing by the date I plan, maybe my detox process wil not be as bad? AM I wrong to think this? In my life, I NEED to prepare this - time off work, child being away for the weekend etc. Then there is the issue, what to tell your boss...seems I need to lie? Probably, "I'm having surgery" because I am not telling my personal business. I figure if I schedule it on a friday, I take Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, & Maybe Tues or this a reasonable amount of time? When I go back to work (5 days later)...will my (physical) Symptoms be gone? I need to have a steady hand at work! Ok, so I am scared, and preparing, and just need I doing this, planning this correctly?? THANK YOU ALL - so much in advance and i feel for anyone who has this problem! Admitting to yourself you are addicted to something, a drug that your own doctor placed you on....seems to be my difficult bridge to cross!

I appreciate any help & advice! Thank you!

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