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Hey Reach,

Well, I'm not sure what I will expect. BUT I have made a decision to taper until I go completely off. The good news is that 3 weeks ago I was on 80 mg's percocet a day - would take pills 6/8 or so times a day! This week alone....I have been down to 1- 10/325 tablet 3 times a day. Thats down to only 30 mg's. Lastnight, I actually made it from my Noon time dose until 8pm! Today - I skipped my NOON DOSE all together!!!!! I have ONLY had 2 pills today! I watched Noon pass, then 2, then 4, then finally at 7pm...I took 1/2 of my pill....and the other half at 8. This will be IT for the night! I didn't get those deep seeded cravings inside during my 10 hour duration, BUT felt something different, and sluggish (went to the store & bought liquid B to put under my tongue) and I MADE myself pass it. I feel proud. Seeing this transpire, I do believe my desire to be FREE & each little accomplishment I make is what is doing it! I do believe that it is possible I will not have as severe as a w/d as I've read about- I will be using OTC remedies & getting assistance from a place that helps people get through w/d comfortably without use of more addicting drugs. They say by day 3 of no opiates -peeing clean - I will turn the corner and hopefully with my determination, I will not be as bad as I have read I could potentially be if I came off of the 80mgs without this taper I have done. I realize I will probably get flu symptoms, and then after that bad couple days, I may not feel RIGHT/GOOD for a bit after, I will be achey & sluggish, but, I do realize at some point my brain will remember what using it's natural opiates & endorphines are like and will kick back in!! They say - the mind is an amazing tool and it REMEMBERS things that even we don't remember?

I was told by the place I'm dealing with.....I have been reading TOO MUCH - I got too much info and everyone is different based on how far they have come in the process before going completely off & the mental status prior to it, the psychological place they are at.....I may not go through that "nightmare" that people talk about - I can only hope that is true & think positive!

Lets hope we just all get through - congrats on your road as well.....My best to you... :)

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