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I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, and im going to see what he can do. I've gotten to the point where i went thru 120 0.5MG xanax in 2weeks. im suprised im not dead. ive been on it for 6 years and my tolerance is so high, i literally have to take 12-15 a day just to feel like the normal 3 a day i need. i read something about taking tegretol and klonopin to help with xanax withdrawls. i also heard xanax withdrawls can cause coma, seizures, and death. xanax helps me like nothing ever has, besides valium. i want to try to get switched to valium, but if not.. will the klonopins help my anxiety? i have extreme social anxiety. i cant work, or do anything without them. im completely dependant on them.. yet i want to get off of them fearing death, and getting worse with my withdrawl symptoms. my next refill is in 2 1/2 weeks and i dont see how i can survive work that long without my meds. will the klonopin and tegretol help? someomeone please give me advice im desperate. im crying non stop, scared to death. i used up the last of my xanax today, didnt go to work... im so scared. im afraid my doctor will stop giving me xanax, but at the same time i want to quit taking them and just be normal. but i cant. i have a problem that needs to be dealt with and xanax seems to be the only thing that helps. he wont up my dosage, he just gives me more. started with 30, then 50, now 90 pills a month. 3 times a day. WHAT DO I DO? im so lost.. i feel like giving up, just killing myself. ending the constant stress, withdrawls, and needing pills to function. ive gotten to the breaking point and i have no one to turn to. im in the middle of a divorce, and my ONLY friend just moved to vermont. im totally alone... im so lonely, so depressed, and withdrawing VERY BAD.. please.. help me. please. i beg of u

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