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Hi all.:)

Some of you might remember me. I detoxed off of a nasty hydro, codeine, and dihydrocodeine habit about five months ago. Since then, I have relapsed a couple times, but only for short periods of time (prolonging the agony of detox, of course). I continue into sobriety today and will, hopefully, remain that way.

We all know about the crushing depression after opiate detox. At my last doctor visit, he prescribed Elavil (amitriptyline) 10mg for sleep, pain, and depression. Well, within days after I started taking them, the depression started to lift. I have more energy during the day, and I feel more "normal" than I have for a long time. This is weird because my body has never responded well to antidepressants. Why now?

This drug is NOT addictive, according to the doctor. He said that it is harder to keep patients on this drug than it is to take them off.

Has anyone else been prescribed this or other similar antidepressants after detox and had good results?

mk (mike)

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