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[QUOTE=g8trgrl15;3269373]Wheninrome, I have read a lot of your posts, and you are hilarious!! LOL Plus you give very good advice, in a way that it's easy to understand.. The advice you gave to the guy on crack was perfect.. I'm on sub, been on it for 3 weeks.. now at 10 mgs a day.. getting ready to go down to 8. It scares me every time I get ready to taper, but I just have to remember fear is something that can be overcome..

And in regards to the mouthwash?? It can really hurt you, and will not make you feel very well.. so don't drink it!


Thank you! I try to give my 2 cents when I can, I know people here have helped me a lot so I want to do what I can. What are you on Suboxone for may I ask? I am seeing a lot of people are having success with it. I think if I didn't have a doc working with me on a taper I prob would be on it myself. I am doing a taper at about 10% every 2 weeks sometimes every week if I can handle it. Cutting back each tims is hard but it gets easier. I am almost half way over and am feeling good so keep it up, it is worth it. Try and set a best case scenario goal and a worse case scenario goal so you have a little room to fall back without beating yourself up too bad but at least have some kind of plan to keep on track. i don't know if they allow you that wiggle room when on suboxone though. Best of luck!!

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