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Perc --first --you are not alone. Almost all of us are in the same situation. Reading your post actually put a smile on my face because it put another piece in the "human" puzzle I am trying to figure out for myself. I have self medicated for my depression for 10 years (hence the FULL CIRCLE) --this pain med has been our drug for years. Self medicated. Crazy. Once I get off this crap (in day 5 of detox) I am going to focus on what medication to take to curb the depression. I was given Prozac last summer , but threw it away. Thanks for the post.
I noticed the whole time while taking it that i not only didn't feel "high", i felt "NORMAL". For the first time in my life i felt totally not depressed. No anxiety. It was great. I felt like a normal functioning person of society.
Can someone PLEASe tell me what it is that thet exactly do to you for a week when you go to the hospital to detox?
Do they just watch you flip out? Or do they give you something to calm you down? Can you make phonecalls? Is it like jail?
It's me again, i wanted to respond to this post also. You are SOOO much like me it isn't even funny! I also feel "less depressed" and "normal person in society" when on opiates. I have suffered w/depression since teenager, AND have chronic daily headache/migraines and opiates "fix" both. But i want to have a baby and nothing is allowed to be taken while pregnant.
Although i have to admit, when i was taking Lorcets daily (5yrs ago), they began to work against me. At first, for a good 6 months, i felt great and had no depression, no pain and could do things all day long and not feel so tired that i had to nap all the time. It was the greatest time of my life,,,,i finally felt "normal". Then i began to feel worse on them,,once they started to wear of thru the day, i felt worse than ever. More depressed and had to get more in me to make it thru day. It was messing w/me mentally big time.
That may be why your up to so many a day....not just bcuz of pain tolerance, but mentally you begin to need more to feel that "buzz" of normalcey. But being on the sub., for me, was different. I never needed to increase dose, it's not meant to be increased and taking more doesn't make you feel any better. So i was able to stay at my dose for 9 months and never craved pain meds. or had issues w/feeling like crap every day.
For me, it helped me live a normal life for that time and not feel like i was constantly worrying how i was going to get "more" pills to cover me thru the week/month/etc......
And as far as rehab, i went to a rehab for 10 days a few yrs ago. I was forced into it, but after a few days i acknowledged i had a problem and found great help/support there. It's not like a jail, more like a boarding school (?)
You can't make any calls usually for first 3-4 days, but i was so sick those days i just slept whole time. Then u usually are going to meetings 8-9hrs a day. So it's exhausting, but u can rest when needed. I was sick as a dog and only did what i could handle (coming off Methadone) and they were fine with that. Looking back, i wish i would have stayed longer and not left so soon - and of course NOW i don't have money to go and do this. Now it would be more appreciated and i would take it more seriously.
Depends on which rehab u go's not easy though. They are usually strict and keep u going all day. They usually do let u rest the first 2 days, knowing your knocked out from everything hitting u so hard. But then again, i had been taken off Adderall at the time and hadn't slept in weeks so they did allow a little more time for me to "sleep it off". It's not a hotel, and it is tough to make it thru each day being in there by yourself with strangers....but those strangers could prove to be your strongest supporters and life long friends. I would go in a heartbeat if i could afford it.
So if u choose against sub., then i'd suggest going to rehab. If your truely ready, it can be the best decision you've ever made to go.

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