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I have been taking the maximum daily dose (400 mgs, or 8 50mg tabs) for around two months now. I have taken breaks every few days until the last 3 weeks when I've been taking them constantly.

I'm beginning to have an increased tolerance, as well as a craving because they give me lots of energy. I want to quit before I become hopelessly dependent. I began taking pain meds 4 years ago for legitimate pain. A herniated disk and severe sciatica. I do have real pain still, especially in my back and hips after any activity BUT I have always enjoyed the pills. Percocet would be my drug of choice, but since we left the military installation, they aren't available to me, which is a good thing because I would be addicted to them by now.

I guess the Tramadol became a replacement for the Percs, even though I was given them for legit pain also. So, there is my story. I want to work hard to get off any and everything that could cause me problems. I'm not at the point of drug seeking or any other illegal behavior to obtain them, but I don't want to push it, you know? I know I am somewhat psychologically addicted, but I think that if I curb it now, with support and will power, I can stop it before it gets any worse.

I need to know the best way to taper to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I was given trams long term and unmonitored about 3 years ago and took them only as prescribed. I quit taking them cold turkey because I feared I was getting addicted. I had some terrible withdrawal symptoms. After I stopped that time, I was pill free for about a year, until my second pregnancy/delivery caused a relapse in my back pain, I had wisdom tooth problems, dental surgery, and dry socket. After all that, I found myself on the slippery slope to self-destruction once again.

Can anyone please help me? I could use pointers, encouragement, and success stories. And please, PLEASE don't judge me. It has taken me alot of courage to finally admit this to someone else.

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