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I am addicted to Lorazapam, the generic version of Ativan. I have been on it for years. Before that it was valium. I am epileptic and I have had a downward spiral since my dad died. I've been put on meds that increase anxiety (I have anxiety to begin w/ as a result of the epilepsy) so my neuro put me on Lorazapam. I take 5 mgs a night right now. I'm living w/ my mom who has cancer and isn't doing well. If it wasn't for the lorazapam, I think I'd die. I can't breathe sometimes, the physical symptoms are so severe.

In all honesty, I can't fathom ever not taking it.

My brother was on lorazapam a few years ago after my dad died and he was told by a doctor that you need to wean off it. You can't stop cold turkey. He switched to valium (which his doctor told him was less addictive than ativan) and weaned.

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