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First of all-- [U][B]Shell[/B][/U], [U]I hope things are going ok for you....I apologize that this got highjacked by minutia....I hope you're getting the support you need for your desire to taper off of the Klonopin you've been taking[/U].

Otherwise, to whoever cares- which may be nobody- whatever....
Like I mentioned- I just wanted to lend support about benzo detox being done too fast, so [U]that is [/U]appropriate on this board- and something that really bothered me about what that family in the ER was going through with their loved one.

Klonopin is a drug of choice for some types of seizures (believe what you want, as will I :))- not all ( [U]I agree with Jules3 that it's not the drug of [U]choice[/U] for[U] many [/U]types of seizures- but for some in particular it is - easy to check drug reference books- , and the benzo properties make it useful for other types- like 'off label' uses for meds for other disorders, as well....same idea[/U]). Many anticonvulsants are not approved to be the only med someone takes for seizures, but some docs still prescribe them that way- and for those people they work fine- isn't the highest possible functioning more important?

You're right, this isn't the epilepsy board- but it's also not a closed meeting either. [B]My reasons for coming here were definitely not related to epilepsy- as many people share why they're here, I did too-- gee, big mistake, eh? [/B]:confused:

I didn't think only those [B][I] i n [/I][/B] recovery had the corner of the market on support- those of us who have worked there, and seen what it does to families might just have something useful to say. My comments were about the safety of being epileptic, and using Klonopin for that, were mere comments about my interest in this thread vs starting a different one (which I apologize again for, shell).

Does it have to be that big of a deal to want to offer support, and to be using something for medical reasons that some people might have addiction issues with-- a lot of people with addiction problems to one thing have to use something else that others are addicted to--What about food addicts- lots of literature and research about the endorphins released during starvation and purging- that keep the disorder in the same addictive cycle as other physically addictive behaviors. Or gambling, etc.... [I][U]I just felt bad for that family and the guy they were there for.... that's [B]IT[/B].[/U][/I]

There are many sides to something- [B]watching that family go through all of that pain was my only reason for even stopping by here[/B]....sometimes a wish for support is just that- no point in focusing on the non-issues ...and I apologize if I became offended if I was being told that I "really" knew that Klonopin was essentially being hidden under a diagnosis of seizures to be misused....that's what that post felt like- and why I responded... I certainly meant no harm in my initial post, and just wanted to clarify myself in the second..... seems that a 'message board' would be a 'comment board' if we couldn't exchange thoughts/feelings.

I just want to be understood at this point:(- as do most people when they feel misunderstood.... if that's offensive, [B]it wasn't the intent.[/B] If my not being an addict is offensive, in coming here, but merely seeing someone whose family member was in detox trouble, and thinking it of some use, I apologize-- I came with sincere reasons.:( Seems I remember something about "take what you can, and leave the rest" ????

jules3, I don't want to argue- could we agree to disagree?:) I'm secure enough in the professional drug reference book materials to know what I believe....and wish you the best with the reasons you post here. :)

I felt it worth stopping by here based on what the family I witnessed in the ER was going through, to share what I saw, and what I've seen- and hope others don't go through that. That is addiction related. Isn't everyone just wanting the safest possible detox and recovery, and deserves that in a detox facility? :confused:

If I didn't care about addiction, and the people I used to see day after day, I wouldn't have bothered to stop here at all..... and am having major regrets for thinking I could get through if I wasn't part of the "group". I just felt for that family and their loved one. [B]If some stranger in an ER can care about what someone going through detox deals with, why can't I share that with you guys?[/B]:(:(:(

But as for this board- I'm out of here- I said what I felt, why I was interested, what I witnessed, and it was made into bulls*%# stew.

Shell- best of luck to you.

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